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Water lesson #2
The second thing I realized while pondering the water-type personality thing is that when water sits still for long periods of time it becomes stagnant. And I realized that I'm the same way, I need to move around a bit.

I'm not talking about nervous flitting about, like the people you see that just can't sit still at all. I'm talking about being in one place for too long.

I've been making myself sick the last several years trying to nail myself down to one particular place. And I've just now realized that it is killing me. 

We own the one house in Missouri free and clear. That'll be "home base." But I don't know that I'm planning on being there very much.

Like I said earlier, the sea is calling me something fierce. I think my Beloved and I are going to head home to Florida for the summer. We're both -- more or less -- from Florida. We both went to high school there. That's where we were married. And right now I'm missing it.

I'm missing the ocean. The salt air. I'm missing living aboard our sailboat, waking up to the sounds of dolphins blowing right outside.


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